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What are the best smoothies for runners?

This morning I had a moment of inspiration triggered by my raw food experience. At Jessie’s they make these delicious breakfast ‘birchers’ which include muesli soaked in apple juice with greek yoghurt or a cashew nut creamy blend topping. With my blender to the ready and a little imagination I made a smoothie that I think might become a regular ‘runner smoothie shot’ for an hour before my run. The smoothie included…

Quinoa and Chocolate anyone?

This weekend I came across this chocolate bar in the supermarket; it caught my eye. It’s suitable for vegans and it has the super grain of the moment – quinoa (actually it is the grain of the year – 2013 is International Quinoa year).

Enjoy Life with Crunchy Flax. What are you eating for breakfast?

If you are a healthy foodie like me then you will have noticed that there is a ‘healthy food’ revolution going on. Every week at my local supermarket I come across a new brand that is making a conscious effort to provide us with tasty foods that don’t contain the same ingredients as your household cleaning products or pet food! It seems that the impact of documentaries like Food Matters and Food Inc., plus the rise in diabetes and heart disease related to lifestyle and food choices have finally woken us up to smell the ‘matcha’

Holistic Holidays

If you are not the type of person who wants to do aerobic work-outs to burn those stubborn calories whilst you’re on holiday, and fancy a more holistic approach, then this week’s blog post is for you …

Yin Yang = Balance

In our everyday lives we are often switching between ‘Yin’-‘Yang’. Maintaining the balance between the two elements should hopefully put us on a healthy path to achieve vitality and not to mention peace of mind. When I’ve experienced too much ‘Yin’ and not enough ‘Yang’, or vice versa, it’s caused me to feel out of sorts and confused. The feeling of not being balanced may cause restless sleep, depression, anxiety, over eating, loss of appetite, even loneliness. I personally have experienced a couple of these when out of sync.

Below are examples of my reality of the yin-yang philosophy in respect of modern living.

How many diets are the nation on and which ones are the best?

Our nation’s waist line is clearly expanding, simultaneously there’s an influx of dieticians, personal trainers, fitness regimes, new fitness classes, special boot camps, wellness centres and the list continues. In a recent article Beyonce revealed she gained 57lbs during her pregnancy and lost that weight through a vegan eating lifestyle. As the article continued to discuss her weight loss journey it took me to a link to what apparently is the 14 Best Diets for this year. When I saw the list I knew it was something I had to share with you all – Weight Watchers is surprisingly NOT number 1. So, here we go…

Honest Mum tries the 5:2 Diet

So like the millions of others, I too have succumbed to sampling this ‘new’ (I say new, but it’s based on ancient principles of fasting) diet from Dr Michael Moseley. Like many, I watched his Horizon documentary: ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ on BBC2 in total awe, re-watching it with my mother, both resolute we would give it a go. The promise of preventing cancer, diabetes and reversing the impact of ageing if you fasted for two days a week, eating normally for 5, had us eager to try it. At least it saves on Creme de la Mer, right

Free Healthy Choices Workshop for parents with young children

Are you a parent or carer with a child under 5 years old? Would you like to learn more about natural approaches to improving your families’ health and well-being? If the answers to these questions are yes, then please book a place on Core of Life’s FREE three week workshop.

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