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Soul Searching

When people say that they’re doing some ‘soul searching’, what does that actually mean? Recently, I have heard this term being used at least half…

Learning from Well-being Discoveries in 2012

This morning I stumbled on an interesting article in the Physician Money Digest . As the article states there are a lot more factors, not just exercise and healthy eating habits that contribute to overall health. The article titled: 10 Wellbeing Discoveries of 2012 by Laura Joszt summarised the findings of nearly 100 articles and conducted daily surveys about Americans’ health and wellbeing by Gallup (a leading US research company) in 2012. The poll is very US focus but a number of the ‘discoveries’ are universal and provides some hints on the factors that can improve well-being.

The World Is Mine Because I Said So…

We often hear “you are what you eat”, but we shouldn’t forget “you are what you speak”. Positive words have the ability to encourage someone to believe that they could run the world, whereas negative words can cut so deep leaving invisible scars that can paralyses someone’s potential at being the best they could be. Sometimes the worst victims and perpetrators are ourselves. Negative self talk plays a big part in some of us not even trying to achieve our dreams, and therefore being stuck on the treadmill of life.

Love Yoga? Spread the word. Tell a friend. Help them heal.

The popularity of yoga is increasing among the black community globally. It was great to see Michelle Obama including a Yoga Gaen as part of the Easter Treasure Hunt at the White House in April 2012 and the article by Sariane Leigh also known as Anacostia Yogi called Sisters of the “Yogic” Yam: bell hooks and the Yoga in Self-Recovery in October beautifully highlighted the therapeutic power that can be found through yoga. I encourage everybody to read it.

Are You Lonely?

It’s been said that built up cities are the loneliest places to live in, with the City Of London at the top of the list!…

Are you a teacher? Would you like to live and work in Kent – the ‘Garden of England’?

Would you like to have a better work/life balance, but still have a variety of career opportunities to choose from and a support of the best teaching professionals? Would you like to have the access to both: contemporary life style and famous British heritage? Being one of the largest local authorities in the country Kent County Council Schools are committed to innovatively attracting new, experienced and talented teachers to their 600+ schools through offering teachers the scope of challenge and rewards they are looking for. Kent Country Council Schools provide a supportive environment and a wide range of career opportunities (from energetic urban secondary schools to a more serene coastal village primary) for the employees.

Why November 6 is my ‘Fitness Trigger’

Every year as November approaches, my memory of the New York Marathon acts like a fitness trigger. It makes me reflect on my fitness levels to figure out if I am doing enough to stay fit and healthy. Do you have any events in your life that act as a ‘fitness trigger’?

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